Tax services

We can calculate and present your company’s taxes in a clear and transparent manner, without a language barrier, because we employ English-speaking staff. Providing VAT declaration for online sales, opening a branch or a subsidiary of a foreign company in Spain, paying non-resident tax, private liabilities, etc. are very important issues. Failure to pay them may result in unpleasant situations with the Spanish administration and economic sanctions. We prepare an in-depth analysis of the company regarding the current tax regulations and advise on the selection of the most optimal form of taxation both when you start your business or whilst you are running the business. Contact us to discuss your liabilities and plan in advance your business operations in Spain.

  • General tax advisory services, consultations for entrepreneurs.
  • Taxpayer’s calendar – annual plan of fiscal obligations.
  • Information on the right to tax exemption or tax reduction, tax optimization within the law.
  • Information on sanctions, complaints, etc.
  • Planning, fiscal analysis and evaluation. Preparation of opinions and explanations regarding tax regulations.
  • Advisory services on procedures in the Tax Office.
  • Advisory services on procedures related to the inspection of the Tax Office, preparation of documentation.
  • Registration of business activities, changes in registration files and deregistration of activities in the Tax Office.
  • Preparation of applications for a binding tax interpretation.
  • Receiving electronic notifications from the Tax Office and preparation of explanatory letters to tax authorities regarding current affairs related to business operations.
  • Representing the client before tax authorities.
  • Quarterly settlements (depending on the specific case) forms: 111, 115, 303, 349.
  • Annual settlements (depending on the specific case) forms: 180, 190, 347, 390.
  • Corporate Tax: Form 200. Commercial law companies only.
  • Corporate tax, application for split payments: form 202. Commercial companies only.