HR services

The employment of workers in Spain is a very complex subject, regulated by national, regional and local provisions and occupational statutes. The proper application of legal norms and their interpretation requires thorough knowledge of labor law. Employment contracts, employment, and the proper dismissal of staff are extremely important issues, and Spanish employees are very aware of their rights and do not hesitate to enforce them in court. Therefore, it is particularly important for the employer to be able to count on the support of a trustworthy office that will duly carry out the necessary formalities. At Gestoría Ramón Santafé we guarantee that your company is in good hands, as it is run by professionals, experts in HR law. We offer a reliable and accurate service with respect to employee documentation. Our accounting office offers comprehensive HR services and provides assistance and advice on all issues related to personnel management in Spain.

  • Advisory services on employment and informing about the current obligations of the employer;
  • Preparation of employment contracts following applicable regulations and internal statutes of the Employer, informing on any changes in the contracts;
  • Calculation of employees’ remuneration including allowances and deductions (payroll forms, certificates) following the provisions of contracts, employee statutes, and legal regulations;
  • Preparing and sending to the Spanish Social Insurance Institution monthly information on the contribution amounts for employees, application and update declarations;
  • Reports on personnel costs;
  • Employment and dismissal of employees – informing the state administration offices about employments and lay-offs, registration of accounts for the employment of employees;
  • Informing about sick leaves of employees and self-employed persons;
  • Preparation of letters in response to the embargo and settlement of the employee salary embargo;
  • Preparation of employment certificates, letters concerning the lay-off certificates for other employees, which the Employer is obliged to issue;
  • Settlements and submission of relevant declarations related to deductions from employment contracts to the Tax Office;
  • Advisory services on the preparation of documents for the Labor Inspectorate;
  • Support to fulfill formalities to conduct mandatory OSH training;