Pursuant to Law 34/2002 “Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y de Comercio Electrónico” of 11 July, Gestoría Ramón Santa Fe, S.L.P. hereby informs that it is the owner of the website office: accountingservicesinspain.com. Pursuant to the requirement of Art. 10 of the said law, Gestoría Ramón Santafe, S.L.P. also informs that:

he owner of this website, Gestoría Ramón Santa Fe, S.L.P. with tax identification number CIF B98523319 and headquartered at Avda. 9 de Octubre 148 Bajo- dcha, 46520- Puerto Sagunto (Valencia), is registered with the Commercial Register of Valencia, volume 9616, sheet V153486 entry 1. The e-mail address for contacting the company is: info@ramonsantafe.es


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  • The provision by the user of accurate and lawful information in the forms issued by Gestoría Ramón Santafe, S.L.P. as part of access to specific content or services offered on the website
  • Use of information and data, services offered by Gestoría Ramón Santafe, S.L.P in a manner inconsistent with these terms, law, morality, decency, public order or any other principles that may cause damage or violate the rights of third parties or the operation of the website.


Gestoría Ramón Santafe, S.L.P is not responsible for the content of websites to which the user has access through the links provided on this website and declares that he does not under any circumstances check or control the content of these websites. At the same time, it does not guarantee the technical availability, accuracy, reliability, validity or legality of websites that are not owned by it and which can be accessed via links. Gestoría Ramón Santafe, S.L.P. declares that it has taken all necessary measures to avoid any harm to the users of its website, which could result from browsing it. Consequently, Gestoría Ramón Santafe, S.L.P. under no circumstances is it liable for any damages that may be incurred by the user as a result of using the Internet.


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It is possible to order online some of the services provided on the website of Gestoría Ramón Santafe, S.L.P. Using them is tantamount to reading and obligatory acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions for Ordering Services established for this purpose by Gestoría Ramón Santafe, S.L.P.


In accordance with the Organic Law 145/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data, Gestoría Ramón Santafe, S.L.P. informs users of its website that the personal data collected by the company from the forms provided on the website will be automatically entered into the Gestoría Ramón Santafe, S.L.P. database to facilitate, streamline and enable the fulfillment of the obligations established between the two parties. Gestoría Ramón Santafe, S.L.P. informs about the possibility of exercising the right to access, change and delete data. This fact must be notified in writing to the following address: Avda. 9 de Octubre 148 Bajo-dcha, 46520- Puerto Sagunto (Valencia). Unless otherwise indicated, the office of Gestoría Ramón Santafe, S.L.P. assumes that:

  • user data has not changed,
  • the user undertakes to notify the Gestoría Ramón Santafe, S.L.P. about any changes,
  • the user agrees that Gestoría Ramón Santafe, S.L.P. used his data for activities related to the provision of services contracted by both parties.

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